HealClick more like Facebook for people with chronic illness

A new website recently launched that caters to people who suffer from chronic illnesses, so I thought I would give it a shot. I mean, why not. If anyone suffers from a chronic illness — I DO!

Turns out, after thumbing through several pages at the website, HealClick is way cooler than I expected.

Think of it more as an online community if you will. A Facebook or maybe a Match.com for people with chronic illnesses.

The site allows you to create an online profile where instead of focusing on your interests or “likes” (although it does allow you to include them), it concentrates on your illnesses, diagnosis’ and symptoms and then through a process similar to Match, will allow you to see whether another member is a “low,” “OK” or “high” match to you based on your illness.

This allows people to connect based on their illness, opening the door to a wide range of possibilities. Not only can you relate and vent with others who may deal with similar symptoms, but you can share information such as doctors, articles, medications that work for you and even symptoms that may lead someone without a diagnosis to get the proper testing.

It has only recently launched and I am still navigating the site, but if you, like me suffer from a chronic illness — why not give it a try.

And come find my profile.

Of course, my name on there is Autoimmune Allie. 😉

Hope to see you over there.

Until next time friends,



PS: Here’s some more general information about the site:

Sign up at http://www.HealClick.com <http://www.healclick.com>
Help start a patient revolution at http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/healclick-patient-matcher/

See answers to 5 frequently asked questions at the HealClick Blog: http://blog.healclick.com/uncategorized/we-got-answers

  • HealClick is completely free and will always be.
  • We are a site created for patients by patients. Our co-founders tried to find a site that filled their needs for social support and medical information sharing. After they couldn’t find what they were looking for they decided to just make it themselves.
  • Our site is for patients only. We don’t recruit Doctors or researchers because we want to hear directly from patients about what works for them and what doesn’t.
  • Matching is what sets us apart. Our site tells gives you a percentage match to every other member. This way you know at a glance how similar you are with regards to your diagnosis, symptoms, and even treatments.
  • Start any kind of topic. If you have a question or an experience to share, we want to hear it.
  • Review any type of treatment.  Tell us about your experience, and compare your results with others.
  • Our site offers unique social support. The founders, writers, and community managers are all patients.We foster a positive and caring atmosphere where people can share lighthearted humor and successes as well as support each other through hard times and setbacks.  
  • The medical information that our members provide won’t go to waste; it will be used to fuel new research! We will share the anonymized data with researchers that we believe have patients best interests in mind. More information on how we de-identify data here: http://www.hhs.gov/ocr/privacy/hipaa/understanding/coveredentities/De-identification/guidance.html
  • Privacy is incredibly important to us. Not just with regards to data for research, but with the entire site. Usernames, pictures, and profiles will never be made available to the public.


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2 Responses to HealClick more like Facebook for people with chronic illness

  1. jcrohnie715 says:

    Thanks for sharing!! I will have to check out HealClick!

  2. samanthatimms1 says:

    Looking forward to checking this out, could really do with such a thing right now. Thanks for the blog post x

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