Day two without Diet Dr. Pepper

So, I’m on day two and thus far, I seem to be doing well.

I purchased this really cool water bottle that allows me to unscrew the lid to add ice, but still drink it from the lid like a regular water bottle.

It’s pretty cool! SEEITHERE!

This has helped me consistently drink water all day — that is — until I left it in my Film Lit class this afternoon. Hoping someone set it aside for me :/

No headaches, probably because I continue to drink my coffee.

My meals today were pretty consistent with Autoimmune Paleo, minus the coffee and cocoa rule.

Here’s what I’ve had today thus far:

Breakfast: Shake made of Almond Milk, unsweetened cocoa, vanilla, ice and 1/2 banana.  (Only drank 3/4 of it. Also, made the night before and froze.)

Snack: Kale chips (made of kale and sea salt)

Lunch: Salad (I made it last night. Consisted of mixed greens, carrots, cauliflower in a mason jar). Also ate with 2tbsp of all-natural pear vinaigrette dressing (no additives, corn syrup or gluten)

Snack: The other 1/4 of my shake.

I’ve been trying to drink water in between meals and also had a cup of hot green tea with raw sugar.

Haven’t really craved a Dr. Pepper yet. The hardest part is the afternoon slump. Basically my main complaint is still exhaustion.

My plan for dinner is all-natural/organic homemade chicken and long-grain-wild rice soup. Technically rice is considered a food to avoid, but I’m using organic and will use half of what the recipe calls for.

My joints are still swollen, specifically my left wrist. But it’s way less than it was and manageable. Grant it, I’m back on all my meds.

I’ll keep you guys posted. Until then,





About Imkjac

I love my work. I also love the following things: God, my boys, my family, dogs, cats, writing, photography, reading (a bit of a lit geek actually), cooking, being outdoors, hiking, fishing, film, music, Spotify, beards, tattoos, board games, TV (also a TV geek), Netflix, pajamas, antiquing, interior decorating (DIY), blankets, polar bears, art, food. I dislike these things: elevators, heights, unclear water, bridges. Thanks for reading my blog and hoping it brings some comfort and joy to others.
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5 Responses to Day two without Diet Dr. Pepper

  1. Ana w says:

    Hi Allie
    I’ve been having the hardest time trying to leave you a comment, hopefully it works this time. Just wanted to tell you that I feel your pain, no really, I feel your pain and am enjoying your daily updates. Makes me remember that I’m not alone with these terrible deseases.
    BTW I was a Dr Pepper freak too. Diet cherry Dr Pepper my fav.
    Hang in there

    • Thanks so much. Glad you are reading. It can be a lonely road, that’s why I try to share my experiences. It helps me to connect with others that possibly deal with the same issues — or — in the least, get some things off my chest whether others can relate or not. What exactly have you been diagnosed with and what are your symptoms? Oh — and are you off the DP or still struggling with it, lol!? I am on day 3 now. Seem to be doing ok, thus far. Hope to hear from you again soon. Stay strong. You are NEVER alone! 😉

      • Ana W says:

        Hi Allie: I don’t know how you juggle so much with 2 kids, full time job, school and still manage to blog. I have 2 grown boys myself, one is 26 and the oldest is 33 (i started early) and a single mom, I look back and think about all I had to do to keep my family going when they were little and all through their school years and honestly I don’t know how I did it. they are 6 years apart so I always had to split myself in two to cover both of their activities and just day to day stuff. I give you a lot of credit for keeping it going and dealing with your health issues at the same time.
        Well you asked about my situation…. I was diagnosed with Sjogrens about 7 yrs ago, then about 2 years ago I was also diagnosed with Lupus and Fibromyalgia. I’ve put myself on and off the meds a couple of times because I just get scared of taking so much crap and worry that its going to catch up with me later on in life. Right now I’m back on the Plaquenil, Nabumatome, salergin and then the vitamins, sleeping pills (can’t sleep no matter what) and Xanax. I have “invisible” pain every day of my life but I haven’t had a massive flare for about 3 or 4 months and I’m thanking my lucky stars for that so I’m planning to dose down again to reduce the intake of meds. I’m actually in the process of looking for another Rheumy because I feel like my current Rheumy is too complacent with my issues and just hands out the piils rather than looking for alternative types of treatments. I’ve cut out all foods that come in a box or a can. I’ve started juicing fruits & veggies with ginger and tumeric daily and it seems to be helping I think. Maybe its just in my mind but that’s part of my plan anyway. I work really hard on keeping my mind focused on positive rather than negative no matter how i’m feeling that day.
        OK, now for the Dr. Pepper. All I can say is I did it cold turkey. Sorry, but its true. I made a promise to God that I would not drink any soda until my brother returned from deployment and I quit from one day to the next for a year. Then after that I didn’t crave it anymore. It’s been so long that now it’s one of those things in life that I can take it or leave it and don’t freak about it.
        Read your latest post, so sorry that you’re feeling so poorly. I don’t know what else to say other than I know how you feel and to hang in there. I keep my pains to myself mostly because I feel like everyone thinks I’m making it up or exaggerating. So feel free to vent because I’m listening and I understand just like I know you do about my health issues.
        Take care and will be waiting for your next post.
        Warm hugs from Miami

  2. amoran79 says:

    Hey girl. I have been changing my food intake to anything low-fat at this point and it has been really hard. I am so happy to stumble across an honest person like yourself that is not afraid to tell the world what you are feeling, even no matter how crummy that may be. Thank you for your blogs. It makes me smile when I can read the inspiration you leave for us to read.

  3. Hey girl. Just so glad someone actually reads what I have to say, lol. I hope you are doing well and hope that your dietary changes help you to feel better. Keep me posted and I love hearing from you! 🙂

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