Help, I’m a Diet Dr. Pepper addict

Or as we like to call it in our home: DDP

I admit it. I can’t stop drinking the stuff. I’m not as bad as some people, but two (sometimes three) a day is just too much. Especially being that it’s filled with artificial sweeteners, which are down right horrible for inflammation

So. Mark this as Day 1 with no Dr. Pepper

I have tried this many times and failed, but this time my focus is my health, so hopefully I can kick this addiction. (Seriously you guys!!! I AM addicted to it.)

Today I have had water all day with the exception of a coffee this morning and a caramel latte about an hour ago. (Bought from Juice-Up and made with all-natural ingredients). It was made with espresso, caramel, almond milk and a splash of coconut milk with ice. Super strong so after half of it, was wide awake. I froze the other half for a treat tomorrow. 

My biggest complaint today is exhaustion. I have been downing sodas all afternoon for the past couple of years to keep awake. My schedule is insane between work/school/home and I wasn’t sure how else to do it. 

I plan to try and do water, coffee (with raw sugar and almond milk) and hot tea on cold days and water/juice/an occasional ice coffee on warm days. 

I’m attempting 30 days soda-free. (NO PROMISES)

I’ll let you guys know how it goes. 

I’m weaning myself in an attempt to start the #AutoimmunePaleoProtocolDiet

My sister is on it and it’s supposed to be great to minimize inflammation, which I’ve been struggling with a great deal lately. 

If you aren’t familiar with the diet, go HERE and read more. Or just Google it you guys. 

I’ll blog more about it as I go along. It’s just too soon because I’m still kinda mapping my way around. 

I’ve lost about 25lbs in the last few months and my current goal is to lose about 25 more. 

The most important thing for me right now is to do it healthily. I don’t want to go back to old patterns of not eating. I am determined to fight these diseases (Psoriatic Arthritis, Hashimotos, Sjorgen’s, MCTD, Celiacs, Allergies, Asthma, Fibromyalgia) with proper nutrition … and eliminating my Diet Dr. Pepper is the first step of a long journey towards a healthy and prosperous life

Until next time friends, 





About Imkjac

I love my work. I also love the following things: God, my boys, my family, dogs, cats, writing, photography, reading (a bit of a lit geek actually), cooking, being outdoors, hiking, fishing, film, music, Spotify, beards, tattoos, board games, TV (also a TV geek), Netflix, pajamas, antiquing, interior decorating (DIY), blankets, polar bears, art, food. I dislike these things: elevators, heights, unclear water, bridges. Thanks for reading my blog and hoping it brings some comfort and joy to others.
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