Covert verbal and emotional abuse vs. overt

There is a difference between outright abuse and covert abuse.

Here’s a great article about those differences for anyone who is trying to decide whether their relationship is dysfunctional/unhealthy. However, if your gut is telling you it is, it probably is.

If you:

Walk on eggshells

Always take the blame or apologize, even if it’s not your fault

Have anxiety/depression

Can’t quite put your finger on what’s different about the person

Find yourself ALWAYS questioning your own motives or character based on the other person’s reaction

Feel trapped

Can’t make basic decisions without having to run it past the person (Controlling)

Feel like your voice is taken away

Are constantly told you’re crazy or over-react to things

If they twist conversations

If they refuse to take responsibility for their actions

— all of these are red flags! Please seek help from family, friends or a counselor!

And here’s a link to the article HERE!

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4 Responses to Covert verbal and emotional abuse vs. overt

  1. katiemariet says:

    I realized in retrospect how unhealthy my relationship was with my Ex. He never laid a hand on me but he might as well have with how abusive his words and actions were towards me. :/

    • Katie – words hurt, especially when you begin to believe them. It’s difficult when there is no physical evidence, only emotional wounds. It’s especially difficult when it’s covert rather than outright verbal abuse too. Glad to hear he’s an ex. You deserve a man who will treat you like a queen 😉

  2. Ps: Just realized it was you — 😉

  3. Pining for Grace says:

    There’s a guy here on wordpress that has an excellent blog about this subject! His whole blog is dedicated to helping with codependency.

    Great write! 🙂 I enjoyed reading. 🙂

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