Beginnings: I started a detox today

Hey everyone. I started a new alkaline-based 30-day detox today. I’ll post more about it soon. Here’s a brief idea about what it entails HERE!

Just thought I would keep track to let you know how I’m doing. Here’s a list of my goals:

  • Boost energy
  • Boost metabolism
  • Minimize flares
  • Minimize heartburn and indegestion
  • Lose fat, gain lean muscle
  • Reduce joint/tissue inflamation
  • Boost mood
  • Minimize depression
  • Regulate thyroid

Below was my breakfast. A bowl of blueberries, strawberries and black grapes. Yum. Also drank a large bottle of water. (detox suggests eliminating coffee, sodas and tea. I’m minimizing, not eliminating. I did have coffee – but then drank extra water to flush it)

Berries and grapes


For lunch I had a bowl full of organic carrot and almond soup with organic wild rice added. It was tasty and filling. I had water instead of diet Dr. Pepper and I’m about to have a nice cup of hot tea.



For a snack I will enjoy a Granny Smith Apple and water. I’ll probably eat this about 3p.m.

So far, I haven’t been all that hungry. It took some planning, but my menu for the week is set.

The diet focuses on combining certain foods and not combining other foods in order to help the body recognize what it’s digesting. I’m taking an 80/20 approach rather than going full-on vegan. I will eat 80 percent fruits and veggies and 20 percent lean meats and dairy.

After a year of working on inner struggles, I am ready to get back in shape and focus a little on the outside. I have been through a not-so-pretty divorce, a move, a new job, two surgeries (including a hysterectomy), gone off anxiety meds, gone off depression meds and overcome an eating disorder — all in about a year. My body is not too happy with me right now, to say the least. I’m about 35lbs heavier than I was two years ago.

I’m hoping that this diet will mostly give me energy and approve my outlook. Although I have put on weight — this isn’t all about losing. It’s more about achieving health and finding a diet full of rich antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients that will aid in keeping me healthy during the winter months. This can be crucial with autoimmune arthritis. One bout of sickness can land me in the hospital and sick for months — on several rounds of steroids. Keeping sickness at bay can eliminate a lot of stress for me.

I’ll be posting updates, photos and progress for you guys as much as possible. After 30 days, I will probably move up to a higher level of the diet — or tweak it to be realistic –based on my accomplishments.

Thanks for reading and if anyone’s familiar with the alkaline diet and its affect on MCTD, autoimmune arthritis, celiacs or thyroid disease — feel free to comment and leave me some tips. Thanks.

Until next time!!

~ Allie

ps: Here’s my before pic (with my awesome guy, Brad who loves me just the way I am!!!) 🙂

BEFORE 30-day alkaline detox


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