Not letting life get away from me

Hey friends. I apologize that I have been so absent around here latelty. I recently started my new job at the Athens Banner Herald and I feel like I’ve been running around in circles the past few weeks just trying to get adjusted to the flow of things.

It’s a lot different to write for a daily newspaper than a bi-weekly. I’m forced to focus on the day at hand!

As I’m learning to adjust to my new schedule, I have found that there’s just not much down time to blog. I will also be starting a work blog soon. I need to come up with a good theme for that too. Any ideas?

I wish I could say I had time to catch you all up on everything right now, but I don’t. Really, I just wanted to check in and let you all know I’m doing well and hope to get into a more consistent blogging pattern within the next couple of weeks.

I did have a doc appointment yesterday and was FINALLY cleared to go back to work since my hysterectomy, haha. (I’ve been working since day 2) I’m having a few minor complications, nothing serious, but the culture will tell me more when it comes back (hopefully by Monday).

Also, I loved my Rheumy, but because she was so far away from Athens, I had to switch to a doc in the same practice that travels out here a couple days a week. I meet him soon and will keep you all posted. I was supposed to switch to stronger meds to combat my flares. We’ll see.

I’m excited about everything that’s going on in my life, but it’s also super exhausting. Trying to focus on eating right, walking more and getting adequate sleep. However, not sure I’m doing a very good job at that.

Will try to post following my culture results. Those white blood cells just stay elevated!! Not sure how to slow them down.

Until next time friends,






About Imkjac

I love my work. I also love the following things: God, my boys, my family, dogs, cats, writing, photography, reading (a bit of a lit geek actually), cooking, being outdoors, hiking, fishing, film, music, Spotify, beards, tattoos, board games, TV (also a TV geek), Netflix, pajamas, antiquing, interior decorating (DIY), blankets, polar bears, art, food. I dislike these things: elevators, heights, unclear water, bridges. Thanks for reading my blog and hoping it brings some comfort and joy to others.
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