Back at the doc’s office again and waiting on results!

What I wouldn’t give if doctor’s paid us for going to see them. I’d be one rich girl! But, unfortunately we pay them to prick us with needles and take our blood — in hopes they can tell us what’s wrong before our trip to the next doctor.

Friday I had blood drawn — yet again.

Still waiting to hear back on those results. Saw my rheumatologist who tested my:

  • Vitamin D levels
  • Iron
  • Thyroid
  • RNP antibodies

I’m almost certain my thyroid levels will come back low. I have had weight issues since all the steroids (not major ones, but still enough to bother me), been extra lethargic, had some anxiety and my hair has felt extra dry. Not to mention all the female stuff I’ve had going on.

Waiting on that call now.

Also trying to prep as best as possible for this hysterectomy I have coming up on July 2. My rheumy seemed to be a little worried about my recovery. Probably because any time I have an injury, I tend to flare and my immune system goes haywire and starts attacking everything!! Last tattoo I got caused a flare!! (Anyone else have that problem before?) Also, that bout with Bronchitis lasted months … in fact, I’m still not 100%.

My rheumatologist has also decided that should all my lab work come back normal, I should consider going on a different/stronger medication for my MCTD. I am currently taking Hydroxychloroquine . She upped my dose to two pills a day and it about tore my stomach up — giving me indigestion all the time and heartburn! UGH! So, I chose to go back to taking one pill a day, but unfortunately my pain has increased. My hands, fingers, wrists, knees and elbows hurt almost constantly.

I’ve also experienced increased fatigue, depression, weight gain, swelling in my wrists and finger joints — the list goes on (depending on the day). It’s pretty sad when I wake up with major hand pain and my boyfriend has to ask “do you think it’s from cutting up those tomatoes yesterday?” Yes, we got to eat some fried green tomatoes from the garden for Father’s Day yesterday!!! yay!! But – it’s sad that I’m 36-years-old and experience pain and swelling from such a simple every-day task.

It makes for one of those “I feel like I’m 80” days!

I’m not sure what type of meds the doc is thinking about, other than it’s a stronger, more aggressive drug that will hopefully slow my immune system down. She said she had been holding off on it because I seem to get soo sick when I do get sick, and — well — you slow down the immune system more aggressively and guess what happens — yup!! You get sick more often and more easily.

The plan now is to wait until after this surgery, see how my recovery is going and then switch over to the more aggressive immunosuppressive drug when I’m back up and ready.

Hopefully the switch will help with some of this joint pain!!!

I expect to hear back from my Rheumy today with part of those blood results. The RNP antibodies will take longer to get back because they are shipped off to the Mayo Clinic. 

I will post as soon as I hear something. I also would love to hear some comments from any women who have undergone a  laparoscopic total hysterectomy. Wondering about prep, recovery, after-care … that sort of thing.  

In the meantime – here are some pics from Father’s Day. And if my hand pain is from cutting up green tomatoes — then so be it! It was worth it! (Yum) – I’m a southern girl who is gluten-free so when I can get my hands on some gluten-free fried foods — well — ima indulge!!! mmmmm! 

Until next time friends!!!




Yummy Fried Green Tomatoes Ya’ll!

Me splurging on a pina colada! (just one)


least ma rheumy has hot pink bandages 😉

Daddy ❤

Brad ❤

This is tha boyfriend btw! 😉

One more thing. Just joined yet another support group, lol. Hoping to gain some insight from other women who have had hysterectomies. It’s called Hyster-Sisters and you can visit that site HERE!


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3 Responses to Back at the doc’s office again and waiting on results!

  1. amoran79 says:

    I hope the tests come back good. The “80” days suck, don’t they? It’s been like that for about a week for me now. I must say though, that pina colada looks absolutely wonderful!

  2. awwww. thanks girl. they do suck – and that pina colada was fabulous 😉

  3. Amazing! This blog looks exactly like my old one!

    It’s on a entirely different topic but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Wonderful choice of colors!

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