It’s not endometrial Cancer, ya’ll: Next step, total hysterectomy!

Got the results from my endometrium biopsy yesterday and it’s definitely good news! No cancer! My doctor called to tell me the test came back benign. Woohooo!!

This comes as a relief. So now I need to be looking towards how to prepare for this surgery on July 2. The plan is to do a total hysterectomy and while inside, do a little exploring to see where my ovaries are hiding and make sure they are still there and all is ok.

After having the biopsy — i am a little scared about the recovery after the surgery. My biopsy was a little more painful than I was expecting it to be, and I just stopped having symptoms from the minor procedure (cramping, bleeding, etc.) yesterday.  

I have a great support system though. My boyfriend, Brad has insisted that he will be at the hospital as soon as he gets off work and will stay the night there.

He also wants to request to stay in the guest room at my parents’ house the week (or so) follwing my surgery so he can “wait on me hand and foot.” (Did I mention I am dating the sweetest guy ever!?) Oh – and that I live in my parent’s basement with my two boys since my divorce last year (sigh). – (that’s another blog entry)

It’s not easy, but I am thankful for my parents and their help and support. And I thank God that he provides us with a roof over our heads and food in our bellies every day.

Anyways, this surgery won’t be fun. My immune system sucks and Bronchitis took me months to recover from. I’m hoping the surgery won’t cause my body to start attacking my healthy tissues. I see my rheumatologist next week and plan to fill her in on all the female goings-on.

I also plan to have her check my thyroid levels and my ANA antibodies. I have a sneaky suspicion that neither is in normal range.

My goal for the next few weeks is to prepare myself: mentally, physically and emotionally for this surgery.

I know I need to eat as healthy as possible the next few weeks and fill my body with all the right vitamins and nutrients it needs. I also know I need to get things under control financially and at work in order for me to focus on healing. If my mind is at work or on all the things I need to do at home — then I won’t be able to focus on me. Finally, I need to accept where I am at in life. The road hasn’t been easy, and some days looks grim — or feels like I’ve taken about 100 steps back — but I know that I’m headed in the right direction and this surgery is just another bump in the road to get me where God needs me. And I’m ok with that.

I hope to incorporate walking at least a few days a week — probably on the days when I drop my oldest off for football practice because there’s a park with trails not far from there. I also want to do light weights (if my joints will allow it) and yoga. I will continue to try and stick with my mediterranian diet (which I am finally being somewhat consistent with).

The goal is to lose a few pounds, but more importantly, prepare my body for recovery and fill it with healthy things — not junk.

I have pre-op on June 21 and then I’m hoping to take that weekend (22-24) and spend some time at Brad’s parents’ beach house and Bed and Breakfast, which is on a farm 😀

The following weekend (just days before the surgery) will be filled with me covering all the Independence Day festivities in the City of Auburn (for work) and then getting ready for my surgery on Monday.

My fourth of July will be spent in bed probably 😦 – but hoping I might sneak in a few fireworks and maybe even some watermelon.   

Figured I could end this blog entry with a few pics I have taken for work in the past … during Auburn’s 4th festivities.

I promise to keep you all posted on the surgery and hope to post pics from my trip to the beach. Haven’t been in years so I’m really excited!! Oh – and did I forget to tell you — I get to learn to drive a tractor when I go to the farm!!! yay.

Until next time friends,











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3 Responses to It’s not endometrial Cancer, ya’ll: Next step, total hysterectomy!

  1. Thanks so much Diane!! 🙂

  2. amoran79 says:

    You’ve got this, girl! You are so beautiful and strong!

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